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Successful's Affiliate Program



Please read the topics below to learn more.

What is it?

Simply put: you promote www.successful.com's products/services and you receive commission for verified sales


Successful's Affiliate Program is operated by SuccessfulTM. According to this program, you are entitled to receive a commission (a percentage on the net value of the product/service sold) for every sale you make.

Successful's Affiliate Program is free to join. Once your application is approved, you can begin to generate ongoing income!

You will be paid an additional commission on sales generated by the sub-affiliates you refer to us. Also, affiliates generating a high sales volume will get additional commission as a 'thank you' for their extraordinary efforts.

It is easy to receive money every month from Successful's Affiliate Program... just by sending us prospective customers. Successful's Affiliate Program can enhance your income with minimal effort from you. Affiliates will benefit from the fact that all the products/services of Successful are best-sellers. Plus, we will provide you with tools to help you market the products/services of Successful.



How does it work?



It is very simple.
Complete the application after reading this page (click here to contact our Sales Department))


Please remember to include in this email:


1. That you want to join the Successful's affiliate program (write "Successful's affiliate program application") in the subject field)
2. Your full personal / corporate data (full name, title, corporate entity, emails, phone numbers, fax number, address, etc)
3. Where you first heard about Successful Software
4. What are the products and / or services you are interested in mostly


When you are approved as an affiliiate, you will receive email from us with your ID.

Start tracking your sales by using the 'Sales report' we will send you by email.

Upon approval of your signup, your account will be activated. We will send you your unique ID through which you will be able to ask for information about the sales volume you generated.

Additionally, you can sign up sub-affiliates. Essentially, your subs are treated like any other affiliate. But, you will also get a commission for all of your sub's sales. So, you will be paid for all of the sales generated from you, plus a smaller commission for every sub-affiliate sale. Some affiliates find that it is better to recruit subs than to focus on direct sales.



How do I get paid? And how much?

There are two ways to generate commissions:


1. by introducing Successful to others that finally purchase Successful's products/services for every verified sale resulting from your actions, you will receive 15% commission on the price for which the product/service was sold, excluding vat and shipping. Your paycheck will be issued after 60 days of the pay off of the order of that customer.



2. by signing up more affiliates (your sub-affiliates - who become affiliates of Successful's Affiliate program) for every verified sale resulting from your sub-affiliates, you will receive a 2% commission on the price for which the product/service was sold, excluding vat and shipping (your sub gets the 15% direct commission on their sale).



How do I start?


Learn a little bit about www.successful.com and the successful products/services offered on the site, like Successful Marina and ezysurvey.com.

Once your are familiar with what we are about...

  • read and understand how Successful's Affiliate program works, then sends as an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your will to join this program
  • Make note of your ID that connects you with your sales records
  • Follow the instuctions in the email "Welcome to Successful's Affiliate Program" you receive following acceptance into the program
  • Find people and suggest/convince them to contact Successful or buy products/services
  • Modify your approach over time to increase sales/commissions by doing your own research
  • Deposit the checks that we send you!
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