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Successful Marina Smart App
(iOS / Android Smartphones & Tablets)


With Successful Marina Smart App your Staff, your Customers, your Suppliers and your Subcontractors now have the ability to interact with your business on a 24/7 basis, regardless of where they are. 

Successful Marina Smart App for iOS and Android devices

Your Staff can use the Smart App to perform day-to-day activities while walking by the dock, or checking the progress of works at the boatyard.  You can even use the Smart App while you are away from the office (e.g. on a business trip abroad).  The Successful Marina Smart App is an essential tool, providing direct access to all the key information your staff needs while on the go.

Your Customers can use the Smart App to check their account, make requests, submit their payments and many other things.

Marina-Boatyard Mobile Device (smartphone/tablet)

Your Suppliers and Subcontractors can utilize the Smart App to get access to the works they have to complete, so to be able to stay ahead of the schedule and deliver on time.


Solution Highlights for the Staff of the marina / boatyard

  • Customer/Vessel information: all customer and ship information is available to Successful Marina Smart App in order to help you identify the vessel/customer, contact the customer immediately in case of emergency, check if they pay all their fees before they left the marina.
  • Arrivals - Departures: be informed about arrivals and departures automatically
  • Service pillar meterings (electricity and water consumption): collect metered service point readings
  • Dockwalk (master check ): check berth availability and record changes in berth inventory like where your customers are or should be and correct placement information instantaneously
  • And many other things


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