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Marina-Boatyard Mobile (PDA) Device/smartphone

Successful Marina Pocket MMS (PDA edition) new


With Successful Marina Pocket you and your staff have the freedom to work anywhere, anytime!  You actually take the office with you either when you are walking by the dock or while you are checking the progression of works at the boatyard.  Boost the prestige of your business and the Customer Service to a higher level with another excellent product of the Successful Marina product line: get Successful Marina Pocket!  With Successful Marina Pocket is now possible to maximise the use of your assets (berths, dry stack, travel lift etc) and increase your bottom line effortlessly.  Read more...



Successful Marina POS (Point Of Sale)

Successful Marina Point Of Sale (POS)  new

Successful Marina POS (Point Of Sale) is an extra module that you can add to Successful Marina.  Via Successful Marina POS you can sell products and services in places like the chandlery shop, marina gas (fuel) station, restaurant, bar, commercial shops, etc.  Successful Marina POS is connected with your marina management system (and/or boatyard management system), so you may even charge the customers/ships for the products and services they bought and invoice them either at the time of the sale, or later on along with all the other services they bought from your business (e.g. Staying Fees, electricity, water, lift out/launch in, sanding, antifouling, petrol, etc).

Successful Marina POS keeps also track of all the purchases you made from your Suppliers, all the sales you made to your Customers and the remaining stock of every product in your inventory.  You can have an inventory of few items, up to an inventory with thousands of products.  Successful Marina POS knows the reorder level of each product and helps you keep the minimum level of stock for each one of them. You can use Successful Marina POS also to keep under control all the materials and tools that you use in order to provide maintenance and refit services to the boats of your customers (this system also connects to work orders you get from your customers). Successful Marina POS supports bar code (printing and scanning) for efficient management of your inventory. Click here to see what else Successful Marina can do for your business.



Web site development for marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs

Successful Marina CMS Web Site for Marinas / Boatyards

Successful Marina CMS (Content Management System) Web Site is a web content management system which makes web site management simple.

Successful CMS is a collection of tools that allows the creation, modification, organisation and removal (archiving) of information from your web site dynamically.

It requires no knowledge of HTML or any other web programming skill in order to create web pages, post it on the web and update them.

It comes with a pre-installed site structure with the essential sections and pages a modern marina needs.  With Successful CMS your marina will be able to have a professional web site and email address (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) up and running in just one hour!  Read more...


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