Rhodes Marinas invested in Successful Marina Management Software

There is a beautiful island located in Greece, Europe and more specifically in the south Aegean Sea that has with a rich historical past.

The Rhodes Island (Greek: Ρόδος, Ródos), one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, it is famous worldwide for the “Colossus of Rhodes”, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  

Rhodes is also famous for the “Medieval City”, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the castle that surrounds it (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).  By walking on the stone paved roads of the old city, especially during a summer night, you cannot help by feeling that somehow you are a time traveler visiting the medieval era.  As the night falls over the old city, something makes you believe that Knights are actually stay here and that you will soon come face to face with one them, maybe as you turn around the next corner in the Street of the Knights.

Boaters from all over the world visit this city, not only for its nature, but also for the journeys it offers in its history, culture and Mediterranean cuisine.

No more than 2.5 Km away from where the Colossus of Rhodes was once standing, a new luxurious marina started its first phase of operation on June 2015: the Rhodes Μarina.

Rhodes Marina now has 424 wet berths (181 more will be added in the second phase of the project), a dry dock with repair facilities that can accommodate up to 250 boats and a fuel station.  Apart from this, the shore facilities include a complex of modern buildings that, presently, provide space for laundries, showers and toilets, a restaurant, a coffee bar, a super market, a hair salon and a helipad.  The second phase of the project, will add more shops (e.g. bakeries, clothes and accessory shops, jewelers, etc), a gym, branches of banks, 8 luxurious villas and a building that will be able to held conferences and events for up to 1300 people.  

Rhodes Marina selected the “Successful Marina” Management System of Successful Software (see more at: http://www.successful-soft.com/sm) to operate its entire marina and boatyard operations.   Successful Software also built for the marina a unique telecommunications interface.  This interface allows marina customers to use telecommunication services while the fee for these services is charged to their Vessel, automatically.  The telecommunications infrastructure provided by Samsung Telecommunications.  

In simple terms, via these services, the Customer can enjoy high speed internet connections (through Wi-Fi, or fiber optic cable), dedicated telephone landline(s), even Cable TV with exclusive content, directly (and privately) in their Vessel.  These services are activated and deactivated remotely via the Successful Marina.  The charges that occur are charged automatically to the Vessel and the Customer without the latter, or the marina personnel, to have to do anything.  In addition to this, the Customer does not have to pay for these services directly, but they can pay them later, along with all the other fees of their stay (e.g. staying fees in the marina or the boatyard, electricity, water, lift out, etc), when their invoice is raised.   The end result is streamlined operation and more free time for the marina personnel and the Customer.  

“We are very pleased with the level of automation we achieved in this project”, Mr. John Barbanas, project manager of Successful Software said.  “By communicating with the telecommunications platform of Samsung, we are able to provide a unique hospitality solution that is also hassle free for the Customer of the marina”.  

The future plan is to extend the integration of the Successful Marina to the Service Bollards of the marina and automate this aspect of operation also.  This will make possible to use telemetry and the innovative technology of Successful Marina in order to get the charges of electricity and water directly from the Service Bollards and then charge them to the Vessel and the Customer without human intervention.

You can contact Mr. John Barbanas from Successful Software here.