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Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Management System is the essential tool for managing efficiently your marina, boatyard, dry dock, boat repair center, chandlery shop, relail shop or yacht club.

At Successful Software, we work hard to stay on top of our business, so you can stay on top of yours.

Let's see together some of the top reasons that made Successful Marine a Best Seller on its industry:


Successful Marine is a complete business solution developed by industry experts

Successful Marine is composed by integrated software modules that allow you to use it everywhere in your business (e.g. the marina, the dry dock, the chandlery shop, bars, restaurants, retail shops, etc.).  There is nothing you may want to do that either does not already exist in Successful Marine, or Successful Software Company cannot develop it for you (see Successful Software's custom software development services).  With Successful Marine you will enjoy peace of mind since you will have to communicate with only one industry expert for all your software needs (e.g. business software, your company's web site, technical support and any other software you may need to purchase from other software vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, etc.).



Get organized, streamline operations, minimize operational costs and work more efficiently with Successful Marine

Successful Marine incorporates industry's best practices and automated business procedures with integrated fuzzy logic that save you productive time while eliminating common human errors.  And since the main ingredient of marina profitability is maximum occupancy, Successful Marine has sophisticated functions to make sure that you make the best out of your assets.  With Successful Marine you can time schedule any kind of work or action (e.g. a booking, a work request by a customer, the relocation of a vessel from one place to another (e.g. from harbor to dry dock, from berth A to berth B, and vice versa) and follow it up from start to invoice, thus making sure that the customer is charged the correct amount and none of the service fees is missed.


Use Successful Marine to increase ROI (Return On Investment)

>Use Successful Marine to gain transparent control over berths (wet & dry) inventory, waiting list, daily operations and sales: nothing will fall through the cracks again. Successful Marine maximizes revenue and profit opportunities often hidden in berth availability and customers' requests.  Occupancy/Availability analysis reports will help your management team recognize when there will be too many vacancies and initiate the necessary marketing tactics to fill these vacant berths.  And if your business manages multiple marinas / dry docks / shops across different geographical locations you can get the advantage of the unified management, control and consolidated reports of Successful Marine.


Successful Marine helps you exceed Customer Expectations

Successful Marine allows you to provide better, faster and more elegant service to your Customers thus improving Customer satisfaction and Customer retention.  With Successful Marine you can respond promptly to Customers' inquiries. The Customer Satisfaction Survey System of Successful Marine will help you gauge Customer Satisfaction levels, utilize Customer's comments and suggestions to improve your business, and act timely on situations that require your immediate attention.  Successful Marine will also contribute in your efforts to protect the environment by introducing a green, paperless office management system to you.  A happy Customer that knows you care for the environment (environmental responsibility) will return to your business and recommend it to their friends


Get informed decisions with the detailed Management Reports of Successful Marine

Successful Marine's Management Reports (or Business Intelligence Reports) are covering a wide spectrum of reporting needs.  The reports include financial and accounting reports, occupancy/availability analysis reports, detailed income analysis reports (to measure business performance in comparison with past years), customer's spending habits (to spot market trends) and many others.  Marina managers use these ready-made, Business Intelligence Reports to budget, forecast and run what-if scenarios in their familiar spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel) in order to maximize the cash-flow management.  And if you have special reporting needs, the Successful Software can build you just the report you need.


Order any tailor made, add-on solution you may need in your business

Successful Software Company, the creator of Successful Marine, gives you the unique benefit of ordering any kind of extra solution you may need to use in your business .  Examples include (but are not limited to) the connection of Successful Marine to your electronic pillars (for online metering solution of water/electricity consumption), the connection of Successful Marine with your accounting/ERP software for up to date accounting records, automation of daily/monthly/yearly close procedures for improved efficiency, programming of Customers' electronic cards (for authorized access in paid services/areas of your business, e.g. showers, parking, etc.), the development of a new report, the addition of a new, custom functionality, etc.


Automation of Invoice processing and updating of the records of the back office with Successful Marine

Marinas generate large numbers of invoices every month.   These invoices must be calculated, created, sent to customers (either as a hard copy, or by email as an electronic invoice) and update the appropriate accounts in your accounting department.  Successful Marine handles this business procedure automatically so your staff to be able to focus on more productive things like catering the needs of your customers.  


Enforce company's policies (operational manual procedures) to staff with Successful Marine

Marina Managers use Successful Marine also to assigning roles and responsibilities among their staff.  This way, the people who have access to the system can only do the things that management is expected from him / her to do.  And the Audit System of Successful Marine keeps track of everything that a staff member did on a 24/7 basis, so the management team is able to backtrack one's course of actions and find e.g. when they made a mistake, who created this invoice, or who made that discount, etc.  Applying the company's policies and checking the actions and decisions of your staff was never easier.


Successful Marine Web and Online Reservations-Sales over the Web

Having a web site for your business was mandatory.. some time ago.  Nowadays, having a professional looking web site is mandatory because many marina/boatyard customers have experiences from other business as yours (e.g. hotels) where a professional looking web site is a must: as a result your customers' expectations on this area are now higher than it was before.  Successful Software utilizes its expert knowledge in the marina industry to develop a web site for your business that stands out from every angle: aesthetically and technically.  Use your web site as a marina reception to provide information, to promote services, last minute deals and service packages.   Or turn it into an online promotion system of reservations and sales over the web that will help you improve your bottom line and provide exceptional Customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Successful Marine is very easy to use and learn

Although Successful Marine is a complete management solution that you can use it everywhere (at the marina, at the boatyard, at the chandlery shop, at retail shops, etc) we tried hard to keep it simple.  As a result the system has only one main window that you use it with your mouse.  Learn to use this main window and you would have learned the 90% of the whole application. No multiple windows or complex menu paths.  In addition to this simple user interface, the bird's eye view allows you to visually manage your business, without the need to be an advanced computer user.


 About Successful Software

Successful Software has been designing, developing, supporting and marketing quality software solutions for businesses and organizations since 1991. Our goal is to consistently provide our customers with innovation, exceptional service, all with the commitment to help them consistently become even more successful in what they are doing.

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