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Successful Marina's Boatyard Management Software allows your staff to organize and run efficiently the daily operation of the boatyard, drystack, work shop and chandlery shop (also called "ship convenience store" or "marine store") like never before.  This can be done in conjunction with the management of your marina (if you have one), or as a stand-alone system only for the operation of the boatyard.

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With Successful Marina Boatyard Management System you are now able to plan which place each vessel will occupy in order to avoid double bookings.  You can also schedule and manage the lift out and launch in of any vessel, as well as any other service (like "high pressure washing", "engine service", etc) you provide to your boatyard / drystack customers.  The system can track also the payments of your customers, the services provided and materials (products, spart parts, etc) used to their vessels, the invoicing and the day-to-day management of your entire operation.


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And if you also have a boat service and repair facility in your business, that provide a wider range of maintenance and repair-refit services to boats, then you can have Successful Marina manage both sites (the boatyard/drystack and the boat repair facility) simultaneously and transparently, so you are in complete control at all times.  Click here to learn more about the Successful Marina Boat Repair and Maintenance module.

Other things that you can include in the Boatyard / Drystack module is Access Control & Security, a mobile Smart App (iOS & Android) for your Customers, Staff and Management team, car parking, rent of storage space, rent of residential units, boat charter, boat selling and any other service that you provide or product that you sell to your customers.

With the Boatyard / Drystack module of Successful Marina Management System the management of your Boatyard or Drystack is finally organized, automated and simplified from scheduling a lift out, to invoicing and payment.  Click here to see what else Successful Marina can do for your business.


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