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Successful Marine Smart App
(for iOS / Android Smartphones & Tablets)


The Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App is an innovative Self-Service App designed especially for your business.

With the Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App your Customers, your Management Team, your Staff, your Suppliers and your Subcontractors now have the unique ability to interact with your business on a 24 / 7 basis, regardless of where they are and without the need of a human representative at the other end. 

The Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App is available from Successful Software as a FREE download on smartphones and tablets from the Apple Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

Successful Marina Smart App for iOS and Android devices

Your Customer is important for you. A Customer Self-Service App makes them feel exactly that by saving them precious leisure time.

Because with a Customer Self-Service App the Customer can interact with your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an easy-to-use and convenient remote channel instead of visiting your offices, wait in a queue, or contact you via phone, fax, email, etc.  This electronic channel is especially useful now, with the COVID-19 pandemic because the health and well-being of your customers, must be a top priority for you also. 

The mobile Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App
empowers your Customers to automatically and remotely, manage their account and services, submit requests, get answers to their questions, access their statement and account balance, pay their bills, download their invoices, access information important for them and various other things. And all these, anytime they want, from anywhere they are.

The Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App
is an essential tool for a slicker Customer experience and improved Customer satisfaction (which leads to Customer retention, positive word-of-mouth and increased bottom line).

It also has benefits for your business like automated business procedures carried out by the Successful Marine instead of people, reduced costs, faster payment collection, and less burden for your Staff.

Marina-Boatyard Mobile Device (smartphone/tablet)


Your Staff can use the Smart App to perform day-to-day activities while walking by the dock.  For example they can use the Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App to perfrom a dockwalk (electronic inventory of boats), move a vessel from one berth to another, record Water and Electricity meterings, report incidents, check which Vessels are coming/leaving, check-in a Vessel to its berth, check if a Vessel paid all its fees before departure, or check the progress of works at the boatyard. 

The Marina/Boatyard Manager can use the Smart App while he/she is away from the office (e.g. at home or on a business trip).  The Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App is an essential tool, providing direct access to all the key information (like KPIs) the Management Team needs, while on the go.

Optionally, your Suppliers and Subcontractors can utilize the Smart App to get access to the works they have to complete, on which boat they have to work, which berth, etc, so to be able to stay ahead of the schedule and deliver works on time, saving you the time and effort that is required to keep them posted.


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