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Online reservations and online sales of products and services for marinas and boatyards

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Online Reservations and online Sales of products & services

Ask yourself.  Do I want my customers to be able to learn about my services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Do I like the idea of giving them the freedom to send their berth request even during night hours and pay for it in advance?  Wouldn't be great to have a Marine Management System that will automatically accept these requests over the Internet and process them automatically instead of me?

Why not having a Management System in your business that will do all these things automatically?

Successful Marine unveils the Successful Marine Web a unique turnkey solution that is especially designed for yacht ports and marinas.   Successful Marine Web (SM Web) brigns everything in one comprehensive solution for the convenience of you, your staff and, most importantly, your Customers.

Successful Marine Web is a powerful module extension of the Successful Marine Management System to the World Wide Web (Internet). 

When Successful Marine Web is combined with the Successful Marine package, it is a comprehensive marina business solution. 
Individual marinas, marina management companies and boatyards can use Successful Marine Web to manage unlimited number of marinas/boatyards with only one application.

In addition to this, Successful Software provides extensive custom software development services to ensure that SM Web will integrate easily with your existing applications, like third party accounting software, remote electricity/water meter reading applications, etc.
Successful Web is a system that you access via the Cloud.  You do not have to pay for employing IT staff, install, maintain, and monitor its operation.  Thus, Successful Marine Web dramatically reduces your software operation costs and risks by doing all these things instead of you.

In addition to this, Successful Marine Web establishes a communication channel between your office and your customers.  Customers can be informed about the products/services and facilities you offer, they can request berth and additional services (ex. electricity, water, Lift-out, etc), download local maps and tourist guides, be informed about the weather conditions in the area, etc.

The manager can also add new customer services or promote existing ones more effectively.  Your business can also capitalize on the advertising space it can provide or on other marine-related products and services.  All these are having a positive impact to the bottom line of the business.


Successful Marine Web Screenshots

Help your Customers find your business with Successful Marina Web Aerial Maps

Help your Customers find your business with Successful Marine Web Aerial Maps

Customers can browse easily through the products and services of your marina and boatyard

Customers can browse easily through the products and services of your business

Example of an online berth request form in Successful Marina Web

Example of an online berth request form in Successful Marine Web.  In case you buy Successful Marine Web with Successful Marine Management System all these requests will be handled automatically from the system.  This will save you enormous time


Online pre-payment of products and services ensures marina's payment

Online pre-payment of products and services ensures marina's payment for everything that is sold via the Successful Marine Web


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