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www.ezySurvey.com is a web service created from Successful Software. With ezySurvey.com you can create any questionnaire for your personal and business needs, publish it on the web and collect responses.  At the end, ezySurvey.com can analyze the results for you automatically.  You can even export the results to Microsoft Excel, or a database for more, in-depth, analysis and reporting.

Web questionnaires (web based surveys) are widely used in various types of companies because they are easy to create and distribute.  Among the customers of ezySurvey.com are hotels (which they analyze their customers' feedback), commercial companies, public institutions and educational organizations.

From a simple web survey with few participants to Enterprise Feedback Management Solutions, ezy Survey Products and Services can assist your organization in any aspect of your survey project (e.g. collect customer feedback, market research tools, mobile surveys, etc) by providing professional turn key solutions.

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