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Successful Marine can run on computers with:
  1. Microsoft Windows operating system (eg Personal Computers (PCs))
  2. Apple OS X operating system (eg Mac computers)
  3. any Linux distribution (eg Ubuntu)
  4. mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with iOS (eg iPhones, iPads), Android (eg Samsung Galaxy) or Windows Phone (eg Nokia Lumia) operating system
If you are planning to use Successful Marine with computers/mobile devices that belong to the categories 2, 3 or 4 above, you will need the Cloud version of Successful Marine (see table below)
If your computers/mobile devices belong to the category 1 above, then you may choose between the Cloud version of Successful Marine and the Locally hosted version of Successful Marine (see table below).  If you want more information on the technical specifications your Windows computers must have in order to work with Successful Marine, please click here.
Successful Marine comes in three different versions:
Hosted on the cloud1

Successful Marina
Locally hosted (on your server)2
Locally hosted (on your server)2

[1] Successful Marine cloud-hosted 
Notes: Use Successful Marine as an online software solution (SAAS or Software As A Service).  This option makes sense for smaller organizations with limited budget.  Successful Marine Cloud runs on our servers which your local computers (desktops, laptops) and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) connect to via the Internet.  We buy, operate and maintain the servers and the software with the necessary updates. You pay an up front fee for the initial setup of your account and a monthly fee for the use of the service from that point and on. Minimum contract period is one (1) year.  You can stop using the service anytime you want.  No refunds are made.  This option requires a high speed Internet (non satellite) at your marina-boatyard for the system to work.   The mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) that you intend to use must have an Internet browser that is capable of HTML5.

[2] Successful Marina locally hosted 
Notes: Invest in Successful Marina by buying one or more licenses of the system according to your needs.  This option allows you to run Successful Marine locally on your own server/computers and it is ideal for medium to large organizations. You pay for half the cost of the software to setup it up and prepare it for "first time use", and half upon delivery of the system on your server/computers. 



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