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Note: Due to the large number of the people / organizations we serve, only some testimonials are shown hereinbelow.


"Before deciding on investing in Successful Marina, we also checked other Marina Management Systems on the Cloud. We found that Successful Marina was more sophisticated than any other Cloud system we tested."

Mr. Ahmed ElGendy
Operations Manager at Baylasun Hotel & Marina


"Amazing new technology, many thanks"

Captain Moath Helalat
Talabay Marina Manager

"Successful Marina is so easy and straightforward that even my 6 year old son can use it."

Mr. Bolonakis Giannis
Ag. Nikolaos Marina Manager 



"Your Technical Support is one of the best there is!"

Mrs. Toursidou Sofia
Kos Marina & Boatyard
Front Office Manager


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"With Successful Marina we were able to manage our 1.000 berth marina more effectively than ever before.  The marina's map gave us a bird eye's view that we could not imagine possible."

Mrs. Dekoulakou Dimitra
Marina Manager of Municipal Glyfada Marina


"With the Audit System of Successful Marina I can check everything that any member of the marina staff did on any given date and time. In addition, the accounting-aware logic of Successful Marina helped our staff to better understand marina's accounting records and therefore cooperate very efficiently with our accounts department."

Mr. Antonis Drosos
Kos Marina & Boatyard Manager


"We are very happy with the software and full support that we receive every time we have a question or a problem.  I definitely recommend Successful Marina without hesitation."

Mr. Benjamin Gharbawi
General Manager at Red Sea Marina


"Having been using the Successful Marina program daily, since 2012, I would like first of all to thank all the Successful Software's team members for the excellent cooperation.
During all these years that I have been working for the Kos Marina & Boatyard, the use of the Successful Marina software solution is daily and intensive.
The Successful Marina is structured in a very useful way, its use is quite easy and straightforward regarding its basic functions.
The registration of Vessels and any financial piece of information, or the moving of a boat from one berth to another, is easy and accurate.
When registering data into the Successful Marina, the user is also given the opportunity to enter various optional data that will be useful to him/her later on and they will facilitate any subsequent processes.
The system has also an extensive range of automatic calculated procedures regarding the charges to Vessels and Customers.
In the case the user is more advanced, the Successful Marina gives him/her a lot of capabilities in the form of statistical, financial, accounting reports, etc.
The most important thing though is the immediate Technical Support and Customer Service we receive from the staff of Successful Software.
In every problem that arose, as well as in every new request that we had, the response and solution was immediate and, above all, with kindness and respect (even when the problem was due to user error or device failure)".

Mrs. Christina Ferrou-Graven
Kos Marina & Boatyard Reception


"Successful Marina is an effective tool for the proper management of a Port or a Marina. Given the fact that Successful Marina can be customized to the specific needs of each organization that is used, Successful Marina was the ideal solution for the Municipal Port Fund Marina of Milos. In the system we have a precise map of all the wet berths we manage in our marina. The authorized personnel can perform a future booking for a berth, issue invoices, collect payments for services provided (like water, electricity, etc). This led to an increase of the revenue and the profitability of our Municipal Port Fund.

Through the program there is also the possibility to export data and to be utilizing them by our Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable Department. At the same time, different employees can have access to the system according to their authorization level, in order to perform only the tasks that are related to their work role and work responsibilities".

Mrs. Malli Eirini
Office Supervisor, Municipal Port Fund Marina of Milos


"Before connecting Successful Marina with our Accounting Software we had to manually enter and check approximately 600 invoices per month by hand. This usually took us about 15 days of painstaking work. Now that the Successful Marina is connected to our back office system we finish the same work, with no mistakes at all, within three hours."

Mr. Akilas Anastasios
Kos Marina & Boatyard Accountant


"We always count on you to find the best solution for the clients satisfaction that has been apparently seen throughout our cooperation with the Successful Marina’s team…  Once again, I thank you for the best service provided."

Mr. Meer Masood Ali
Workshop (Boat Center Repair) Supervisor at Red Sea Marina


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