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Boat Service and Repair facility (boat workshop) management


If you have a workshop in your business that provide any range of repairs, maintenance and refit services to boats, the Successful Boat Repair Center and Maintenance module is for you!

With the Successful Boat Repair Center and Maintenance module, you can create Quotes  (or Work Estimations) for the work a Customer needs to be done to their Vessel (e.g. haul out (lift out), antifouling, boat painting, boat repair, boat maintenance, boat restoration, boat refitting, fiberglass works, upholstery, rigging, cleaning, winterization, sub contractor work, launch in, etc).  Once the quotation is accepted by the customer, the user can transform the Quotation into a Work Order automatically.

This Work Order is then distributed automatically to the various service departments of the service facility and to the people that work there.  It is also distributed automatically to any subcontractors that are involved.  Each work inside a Work Order has a cost and a time schedule that specifies when this work should start, how long it should take to be finished and any other prerequisites, or special requests that may apply for its proper execution (e.g. "painting" can start only after "lift out" is finished).

Manage the workflow of every boat Work Order easily with SUCCESSFUL MARINA


The boatyard's staff members can check when the Vessel must be ready and track the progress of each individual work as well as the progress of all the works that contained in a Work Order via the Successful Boat Repair Center.  Labor, products, materials and parts that may be outsourced from subcontractors, ordered from suppliers or that are already present in the inventory of the workshop (or chandlery shop) are also tracked via the Successful Boat Repair Center.  Simultaneously the system tracks the cost of multiple jobs on vessels (by hourly rate, quotes, estimates, etc). Running works can be viewed and managed via various reports to ensure on time and on budget delivery.

During the whole process you can manage the occupancy/availability of your boatyard visually from the boatyard map.

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The Successful Boat Repair Center also tracks the payments you receive from your customer regarding their Work Order (or Work Orders), as well as the invoices you issue to them.  This way the workshop supervisor and its staff stay informed about the due payments of the customer and its outstanding balance at all times. At the same time, any payments you made to any subcontractor (eg an electrician, mechanic, etc) that works on a Work Order, it is also recorded inside the system.  As soon as the Work Order is completed, it is kept inside the system as historical information for future reference (e.g. future Quotes that can be based on this Quote, comparison of this quote with other similar quotes, etc).

With the Boat Repair and Maintenance module of the Successful Marine Management System the operation of your boat repair facility is streamlined and automated.  Click here to see what else Successful Marine can do for your business.


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