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The innovative Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Online Services allows your business to easily implement the following digital business solutions (click on the titles below to learn more):

In today's world there are interpersonal as well as digital experiences that make the total experience of our Customers, Suppliers and Subcontractors.  With the Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Online Services your Customers, your Suppliers and your Subcontractors now have the unique ability to interact with your business automatically, regardless of where they are, on a 24 / 7 basis, without wasting their or your valuable time and without the need of a human representative at the other end.  This enables your business not only to save time and money, but also to adopt environmentally-friendly practices and positioned to serve the needs of your Customers in a modern and more efficient way.  This in turn leads to positive word of mouth about your business which eventually will affect positively your bottom line.

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Easy Booking

Automatic Cost Calculation

Electronic Ordering of additional Services

Allow your Customers to (optionally) choose a berth from the map and submit their berth request to you for approval.
Once the booking is approved a confirmation is sent to the Customer to ensure that their berth is guaranteed and that you are now waiting their arrival.

Customers can see price information on the screen before they book. 
They can also pre-pay via Secure Online Payments.

Hassle free ordering of the things and services the boater needs, before its arrival or anytime during its stay.





Customer Account

Customers update their information by themselves

Available 24 / 7

Electronic Check-in, Check-out

The potential and existing Customers can create their account and manage it via the Customer Portal.

Customers can update their personal details, update or add new boat information, upload files (like vessel insurance, vessel registry, etc).

Customers can check various things via the Customer Portal any time they want without your staff to have cater their needs.

Hassle free Check-in and Check-out that gives your Customers more time to enjoy their stay and a more positive experience about the services of your business.





Successful Marina Smart App for iOS and Android devices

Click here to learn more about the mobile Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Smart App.






Subcontractor Account

Boat Information

Work Orders

The Subcontractors you choose can have an account from where they can login to the Subcontractors' Portal.

Subcontractors have access to all the technical characteristics of the boat even before their first visit to your site.

Subcontractors can check the Work Orders you assigned to them and get information on how to access your premises and then to reach the location of the vessel.  They can also update the work progress of a job.


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