If your  have a business that takes care of boats, provides technical support services, brokerage and management services to yachts, then the  Successful Marine Boat Care – Maintenance & Yacht Management software module is for you!

With the boat care – maintenance and management software, you can manage and keep track of the following:

  • Boat Parking services
  • Yacht Care & Maintenance Programs
  • Yacht Management 
  • Boat Brokerage
  • Boat Sales
  • Boat Technical Support & Management  
  • Works on boats for individual customers (or companies)
  • Ordering of works via App from the end customer or by the staff while they are on the boat
  • Collection of payments while on the go
  • Create Quotes  (or Work Estimations) for the work a Customer needs to be done to their Vessel , for example:
    • exterior high pressure washing
    • check of batteries & charger’s status
    • engine room inspection
    • general boat inspection
    • operation of engine/Generator / Clima
    • teak cleaning
    • fiber-glass repairs
    • fabrications
    • fairing
    • painting
    • engine repair
    • hydraulics
    • toilet pipes
    • spare parts
    • anti fouling products
    • sand blasting
    • cleaning products
    • boat accessories
    • custom works
    • electrical services
    • mechanical services
    • carpentry
    • marine equipment
    • overhauls and refits polishing
    • rigging
    • upholstery works
    • gealcoat fabrication services
    • yacht agency service
    • yacht deliveries & brokerage
    • anti fouling, boat spray painting
    • welding molding fabrication services
    • boat refitting, rigging
    • polishing, waxing, buffing
    • winterization and storage
    • etc

With the Boat Care, Maintenance & Yacht Management module of the Successful Marine Management System the operation of your business is streamlined and automated.  Click here to see what else Successful Marine can do for your business.

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