Automate and control the access of people, vessels and vehicles to your business with Successful Marine Access Control & Security System

With the Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina), apart from organizing your business like never before, you can also control the movements of people (e.g. Customers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Personnel, Security patrol, etc), vehicles and vessels.   This is referred also as an Access Control and Security system.

Where you can install Access Control and Security

The list below describes some of the things that marinas, boatyards and dry stacks can control via Successful Marine:

  • Main Entrance (for customers and other parties)
  • Secondary entry/exit point (multiple points)
  • Offices
  • Doors and gates to facilities, e.g. dock, pontoon, dry dock area (boatyard), jet ski parking, car parking, toilet/bathroom, shower, laundry, sliding gates, etc
  • Slipway entry/exit
  • VIP area
  • Storage facilities
  • Electric sliding gates
  • Anything else that can be connected with an electrical relay

How does it work

Each authorized person (eg a Customer, a Subcontractor, etc) can have a contact less (RFID) card in the size of a credit card. This will give him/her access to areas of your choosing. The cards can be branded with the logo and details of your business.

Keyboardless Access Control
Keyboardless Access Control

You can use these contactless cards for access control and automated logging of arrivals/departures. You can also use them for automated invoicing of paid services, tracking of credits collected from loyalty programs you offer to your customers, etc.

Each entry and exit event is recorded inside Successful Marine and can be viewed on screen, printed on paper, or exported as Microsoft Excel / Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Where you can install the card readers

You can install card readers to any place that you need to have Access Control & Security, like gates, car parking areas, WC & Showers, etc.

Install the Access Control in various indoors and outdoors locations to control access
Aluminum and waterproof body of Access Control make it suitable for harsh environments

For example this card reader is installed outdoor in a security gate. The card reader case is made of aluminum and it is water and dust proof.

With the Successful Marine Access Control System, you can control more than 250 card readers and thousands of user cards simultaneously. Each card reader can manage one door, gate or electrical appliance (e.g. a washing machine, an array of lights, etc).


With Successful Marine handling the access control, you will also be able to be informed about any Vessels that had departed and didn’t return. You can use this capability in order to inform the Coast Guard about any missing Vessels before it is too late. In some cases this benefit can save lives: the lives of your Customers.

This capability of the Successful Marine streamlines and automates the supervision of the cards of the Customers and allows your staff to concentrate on more important things like the service of your Customers.

Automate the validity and cancellation of Access Cards directly from Customer's details


In addition to this, with Successful Marine you can define any set of automated rules that can activate or deactivate the access cards of Customers automatically without you to have to do anything.  

For example, you can define a rule that will cancel the access card of a Customer automatically when the contract they have with your business expires.  Another example of a rule that you can set is, Successful Marine to deactivate the card of a Customer automatically once it is “Red Flagged” in the system by one of your employees, or when the Customer owes you a lot of money for a long period of time (you specify the amount threshold and time frame, e.g. 10000 EUR for more than 30 days).  You can even set a rule that will deactivate the card of specific Vessel a Customer has when this Vessel has expired documents like an expired registration paper, or an expired insurance contract.

The administration and management of the access control cards is integrated inside Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) (inside the same system you use for managing your marina, boatyard, etc).

When Successful Marine Access Control is combined with the Successful Marine, you can use one system for access control and business management. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Successful Marine Management System

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