Marina, Boatyard and chandlery Point Of Sale (POS)

With Successful Marine POS (Marine Point Of Sale) you can sell products and services across different departments like the chandlery shop (marine store), the marina fuel (gas) station, the restaurant, the bar, any commercial shops, etc.  Successful Marine POS can be connected to your marina management system (and/or boatyard management system), so you may even charge the customers/ships who stay in your marina/boatyard, for the products and services they have bought.  Then you can invoice them either at the time of the sale, or later on, along with all the other services they bought from your business (e.g. Staying Fees, electricity, water, lift out/launch in, sanding, antifouling, petrol, etc).

What else you can do with our Point Of Sale system

Point Of Sale (POS)

But this is not all.  Successful Marine Point Of Sale keeps also track of all your supplies, purchases and also Customer sales, so you will be able to know at any time the stock of every product in your inventory.  You can have an inventory of few items, up to an inventory of thousands of products.  Successful Marine POS knows the reorder level of each product and helps you keep the minimum level of stock for each one of them by generating automatically Purchase Orders that you can send to your Suppliers.

You can also use Successful Marine POS to keep under control all the materials and tools that you use in order to provide maintenance and refit services to the boats of your customers (this system also connects to work orders you get from your customers). Successful Marine POS supports bar code (printing and scanning) for efficient management of your inventory. Click here to see what else Successful Marine can do for your business.

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