The Successful Marine (ex-Successful Marina) Training offers several courses for training your people. The level of experience for attending these courses can vary from total amateur (for example a new employee) to advanced users looking to increase their knowledge and skills even more.  Our courses can fit your schedule, and special requirements.

  1. Online Training sessions via live, video conference with multiple attendees.  Sessions usually last 1-3 hours depending on the subject it is covered and the participation from the attendees. After the course is over a Q & A and discussion takes place.
  2. One-on-One Online Training Session and Consulting via live, video conference. These courses are designed to customize the content and duration of your training for you and your Team. These sessions are billable by the hour (1 hour = 60 minutes).  You choose how much each training session will last.  A Trainer will contact you in order to discuss your training needs and recommend to you the training material that best suits these needs.
  3. One-on-One on-site Training Session and Consulting has all the features of the previous Training schema but in this case, the Trainer will come on site to train and consult you and your team. The Trainer will discuss upfront with you your business needs/objectives for the training and they will recommend training content. There is a minimum duration of two days for on-site visits and all travel expenses are payable by you.

On all the above training options you may have as many participants as you want.  Your participants can attend the sessions from either their own work stations, or in a group setting (eg in a webinar, conference room, a meeting room, etc).

In case you need help with any of the above options, please do not hesitate to contact us

The table below summarizes the most common Courses from where you can select any number of them:

Basic Marina and Boatyard Management

Topics include:

  • Familiarize the user with the SM interface (Ribbon toolbar, right click menus)
  • Reservations
  • New Vessels, Customers, Vessel Owners, Captains, Agents
  • Attached documents
  • Visual Management
  • Transient account
  • Reservation Filters, arrivals, departures, future reservations
  • Charges
  • Adding new Services
  • Invoicing, Credit notes
  • Receiving Payments
  • Daily Cash Report
  • Customer Statement, Customer`s Balance
  • Weekly, Monthly reports

Work Orders

Topics include:

  • Creating Templates, Quotations (Estimates), Revisions of Quotations
  • Customer Deposits
  • Work Orders (includes creating Work Orders from Templates, Estimates and Revisions of Quotations)
  • Basic Project Management and Resource Planning, Scheduled charges and Scheduler Calendar
  • Tracking of actual – billable work hours and Services
  • Adding services/products to Work Orders
  • Issue Service Report to Customer
  • Assigning Purchases / Subcontractor Work to Work Order
  • Invoicing of Work Orders

Inventory Management

Topics include:

  • Adding new Products, bar code, retail price, Mark up %, Inventory selection, etc
  • Edit existing Products
  • Mass Import of Products and their retail prices from third-party systems
  • Accounts Payable in General Ledger and Purchases of Products/Services
  • Record payments you made to Suppliers / Subcontractors in General Ledger
  • Point Of Sale and Sales
  • Add products to Quotations and Work Orders
  • Stock Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Moving Items from Inventory A to Inventory B
  • Year End Inventory Taking

Advanced Management

Topics include:

  • Dynamic Reports, report generator (User defined layouts)
  • Export data to third party systems
  • Data Interface with Accounting
  • OLAP Reports
  • Advanced Occupany/Availability
  • Categorize Customers / Suppliers
  • Automatic direct SMS/Email to Contacts
  • Manual SMS/Email to Contacts

Successful Marine Smart App

Topics include:

  • Installation and initial Setup on iOS and Android devices
  • Basic use from Employees and Management
  • Advance use from Employees and Management
  • How your Customers can use the App
  • How your Subcontractors can use the App

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