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With the Successful Marine Boat Charter software (yacht rental) module you can handle with ease the yacht bookings of your customers. Manage your own fleet of yachts, or the yachts of others, without the hassle.

With the Successful Marine Boat Charter software module, you can manage Yachts and their price lists, owners, customers, the requests of your Customers, provisioning, payments and invoices, customer balances, customer statement, booking calendar (global or per vessel), etc.

Add charter bookings to the system by time scheduling them. Select the Vessel, then select a starting date and time and a finish date and time. Or select when the starting date and the rental time period (e.g. 3 hours).

Trip charges are error-free and they are calculated automatically according to your price lists, without human intervention.

Handling bookings with ease: just drag-drop to move the yacht booking to a different date. Or drag the edges of the booking to extend or shrink its duration. Multiple calendar views (per hour, day, week, month, year) and Gantt chart capability allows you to easily identify the availability/occupancy of yachts.

Boat Charter Calendar that shows which vessel is rented by whom and for how long
Boat Charter Calendar that shows which vessel is rented by whom and for how long

The extended capabilities of the Successful Marine Boat Charter system, automate the communication with your potential and existing customers via, fully customizable, SMS/Email confirmations, reminders, alerts, etc that are generated and sent by the system automatically, while you stay focus on more important tasks.

Optionally, you can track Purchases from Suppliers and have a Bar code enabled inventory for parts and consumables used to boats. 

Allow clients to book online on a 24/7 basis via the integration of the Successful Marine Boat Charter module with the Successful Marine Smart App for (iOS and Android) mobile devices.

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