System Versions

Successful Marine comes in three different flavors:

Successful Marine

Hosted on the cloud1

Successful Marine

Locally hosted (on your server)2

Successful Marine

Locally hosted (on your server)


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  1. Successful Marine cloud-hosted: Invest in Successful Marine as an online software SAAS (Software as a service) product. You must have high speed Internet at your marina-boatyard for the system to work. Successful Marine Cloud runs on our servers which your local computers/mobile devices (tables, smartphones) connect to via the Internet. We buy and maintain the servers and the software with the necessary updates. You pay an up front fee and a monthly fee. Minimum contract period is one (1) year. ↩︎
  2. Successful Marine hosted locally: This is is for customers who want to buy a license to Successful Marine and any optional modules to run locally on your own computers. You pay for half the cost of the software to setup and start, and half upon delivery. ↩︎